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Couple and Family

Couple and Family Therapy

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Once we begin to take our relational life seriously, we gain access to deeper self-understanding and the nature of who we are in the social world. The impact we have on others is intrinsically tied to aspects of our views of ourselves that are often unconscious. The great psychoanalyst Alfred Adler believed that as a person develops and matures they naturally become more interested in improving their intimate relationships, particularly with their life partners and families.

In couple therapy the relationship is the focus of the work. The goal is to examine ways in which the relationship can become more fulfilling for both persons. A healthy relationship is one that grows through time to be more resilient and adaptive in the face of the challenges of contemporary life. This requires serious reflection on the visions, values and shared commitments of the couple and family. Getting on the same page makes creative cooperation toward a shared future much easier.

Often when couples do not attend to becoming more conscious about the relational life of the family, children begin to act out the unconscious conflicts of their parents. If the parents do not seriously attend to their own individuation, often the children are expected to fulfill the unlived life of the parents, rather than developing their own unique personalities.


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