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Doing Inner Work


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Active Imagination

Once a sense of trust is built, this process can best be described as deep play. Jung was a phenomenologist first in that he sought always to ground his psychological insights and discoveries in immediate personal experience. In my view, the phenomena of play is one of the most basic and creative human activities. It potentiates creative order, inventive thinking, and problem solving. When one is at play, one has an opportunity to separate the experience of the present from the anxious non-being place of the past and the future. This experience can energize and integrate the process of inner work through the exploration of the mythic imagination. Through the phenomena of Dreamwork/Active Imagination and Sandplay we gain self-understanding and insight.

One indication that therapy is progressing is when the client begins to express a new and creative manner in life and work. This is not necessarily in the arts, of course, but in whatever area of life that is most representative of the patient's--often unrecognized--interests,skills, or talent.

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