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Consultations with Dr. Shanahan/Dr. Moore

There are several types of consultations that Dr. Shanahan and Dr. Moore offer in working with clients from around the world. Each is tailored to fit the variety of client needs in an optimal manner. Depending upon the type of consultation, you may choose to do your work with Dr. Shanahan or Dr. Moore in person in Chicago or by phone. Consultations may be scheduled for one or more sessions per week depending upon your goals. Those who live away from Chicago may also fly into Chicago for consultations. Intensive sessions of one or more days in duration are also possible. Among these four types of consultations are:

  1. Structural diagnosis and assessment
  2. Neo-Jungian integrative psychotherapy
  3. Neo-Jungian psychoanalysis
  4. Personal and/or executive coaching
    (for optimal personality functioning, relationships, and leadership development)

A brief description of each type of consultation follows. All types of consultation are confidential.

Arrangements for consultations are made by calling 773-667-0133.

When you call, leave your phone number and a brief message. You may also contact us via email. To contact Dr. Shanahan via email click here. To contact Dr. Moore via email click here. Type “Consultation” in the subject line of your email. We will respond to your inquiry within 24 hours. If we cannot see you we will either refer you to another capable therapist or consultant or put you on our waiting list.


Structural Diagnosis and Assessment

Structural Assessments of your personality are designed to help you understand the underlying reasons for difficulties that you are experiencing. Many individuals have had several unsuccessful experiences in counseling or psychotherapy and have not gained a grasp of what needs to be done to move toward a more optimal personality function.

Depending on your needs, these assessments may be done either over a period of ten weeks or in intensive sessions. The time needed is usually ten 50-minute consultation sessions or their equivalent in intensive sessions. We recommend that individuals seeking any type of consultation begin with this assessment in order to allow us to give you a clear and understandable explanation of how the dynamics and archetypal structures of your personality are configured. Understanding this structure is key to finding a road map to aid you in understanding your past and current struggles to actualize your optimal selfhood.

After the ten-session assessment, you may choose the type of consultation among those described below that fits your individual needs. An individual may also choose to do this assessment to advance their self-understanding without committing to any further consultations.

“The symptoms of a neurosis are not simply the effects of long past causes. They are also attempts at a new synthesis of life---attempts with core value and meaning.” -C.G.Jung, Vision Seminars

Jungian Integrative Psychotherapy

In this type of consultation clients work to correct the structural flaws in the integration of their system-self that have been discerned during the diagnostic and assessment process.

These structural imbalances and related problems in accessing, channeling, and regulating archetypal energies underlie their experience of symptoms, relational difficulties, and problems in professional performance. The goal is to move beyond the specific developmental impasse that has prevented more adequate integration of the personality system and better utilization of the client’s gifts and personality potentials. In this form of therapeutic work clients develop the necessary personal and spiritual resources needed for that movement. When the client’s specific integrative goals have been achieved, sessions are terminated and further consultations will be on an as-needed basis.


Neo-Jungian Psychoanalysis

This type of consultation is for those with the interest, passion, and resources to work toward an in-depth and deeply nuanced understanding of the development and dynamics of their personality. At this level of “inner work,” there is not a singular focus on “problems” or repair of structural flaws in the personality. Clients (“analysands”) work to understand the meaning of their past and present life experience and to formulate a vision of their “Life Project” — their central mission in life. This work includes the development of creative strategies and tactics that can aid in progressing toward key goals. A serious commitment to self-knowledge and to one’s ongoing self-realization is required.

4c. BC Hypnos offered rest and good dreams

Once a sense of trust is built, this process can best be described as deep play. Jung was a phenomenologist first in that he sought always to ground his psychological insights and discoveries in immediate personal experience. In my view, the phenomena of play is one of the most basic and creative human activities. It potentiates creative order, inventive thinking, and problem solving. When one is at play, one has an opportunity to separate the experience of the present from the anxious non-being place of the past and the future. This experience can energize and integrate the process of inner work through the exploration of the mythic imagination. Through the phenomena of Dreamwork/Active Imagination and Sandplay we gain self-understanding and insight.

The transformative space created through this approach to psychoanalysis opens onto transpersonal sources of insight and guidance through the symbolic and mythological dimensions that are seeking manifestation in your psychological and spiritual growth.

"When an inner situation is not made conscious, it appears outside as fate." -C.G. Jung

Personal and/or Executive Coaching

This type of consultation is recommended for those busy individuals who are unable to arrange the frequency of sessions or time commitment necessary for formal Neo-Jungian psychoanalysis. Many individuals are less interested in correcting personal “problems” or in intensive psychoanalysis than in optimizing an already competent or high functioning personal, professional, and spiritual life. These individuals already are or are seeking to become high performance personalities who are aware that they have not yet “tuned” their personalities well enough to achieve the levels of excellence that their gifts warrant. This type of consultation offers the maximum of freedom and flexibility for the client while at the same time drawing on our full knowledge and expertise.

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